Emergency Procedures

Last Updated: 5/10/2018 4:15 PM

Policy 6112: Emergency Preparedness

Each year​ schools in the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District #25 are required to conduct emergency drills to prepare the students in case there is ever an emergency to which the school needs to respond. These drills include fire drills, evacuation drills to clear the building and move off-site, drills to protect students when there may be an intruder or the threat of an intruder and other drills when a need is identified.

Parents need to know that when a school is in a lock down - called Controlled Access or Lock down - parents will not be allowed into the building to check out students or for any other reason until a threat from an intruder in the building is cleared either by the police department and/or the District's administration. Cooperation with this process is critical in order to ascertain the safety of your children when in a school building. Once the level of threat has been determined by school officials and/or the police department, the building will be opened for parents to enter either in a controlled access mode or with the standard procedures for every day operations. By this means, the school can keep the children safe and be aware of any visitors, patrons or other people who are not staff or students in the school. If parents have questions regarding these procedures, they may contact the building administrators or the Office of the Director of Student Support Services at 208-235-3253.

Emergency School Closure

Once a decision to cancel school has been made, the District will notify radio and TV stations asking them to broadcast the information. Parents will also be sent text message alerts according to contact information given at registration.

If emergency conditions arise while students are at school, the school day may conclude early and students released to return home on the regular bus routes which will operate on an early schedule. Notifications will be given through broadcast sytems and by phone messages.

Two hour late start days are used at times to allow roads to be cleared and buses to travel safely. If school is delayed by two hours, this message will be broadcast through the same means.