Indian Hills Elementary
Principal Jill Johnson welcoming students back to Indian Hills Elementary
Unloading buses on the first day of school.
Welcome Back
Balloon Arch on the First Day of School
Breakfast Served at Indian Hills Elementary
On the playground
Bulletin Boards
Cougars of the Week
Library Time
Kindergarten Classroom Time
Tori's Pumpkin Patch-PTA
PTA Pumpkin Patch
Fall Celebration in 1st Grade - Mrs. McCrady's Classroom
Fall Celebration in Mrs. Mullett's 5th Grade Classroom
Red Ribbon Week Committee
Red Ribbon Week Bulletin & Doors
Miller, Bull, Stoker, Plowman Doors
Peace Out to Drugs
Indian Hills Elementary Food Drive
Food Drive 2021
Veterans Day Assembly
Veterans Day
Veterans Day Program
Veterans Day Music

School News