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Century High School Promotes a supportive environment which fosters and develops students who attain high levels of learning, responsibility, and citizenship.

WPCentury High School has made the Washington Post's list of
"America's Most Challenging High Schools."


POCATELLO - Century High School has made the Washington Post's list of "America's Most Challenging High Schools." The list includes schools based on gradation rates, average SAT and ACT scores and percentages for graduating students who enroll in four-year schools. Century has made the list three of the last four years.

The list ranks the most challenging schools based on an index score that represents the number of college-level tests given at a school in the previous calendar year, divided by the number of graduates that year.

The list also highlights the percentage of students who come from families that qualify for lunch subsidies and the equity and excellence or E&E measuring stick is the percentage of graduates who passed at least one college-level test during their high school career.

Century has a 98 percent four-year graduation rate, an average ACT score of 22.8, an average SAT score of 1,426, and sends 70 percent of its graduates to 4-year colleges. They hold a 39 percent score for students who qualify for subsidized lunches and a 31 percent E&E score.

Washington Post education analyst Jay Mathews has been ranking the most challenging schools in the country for 16 years. The 2014 list featured over 1,900 schools with the top school on this year's list American Indian Public Charter in Oakland, Calif. It obtained a 100 percent E&E score, a 77 percent subsidized lunch score and an index mark of 21.909. Century's index score was 1.347.

Last year when Century made the list, it ranked 1,746th out of 26,407 public U.S. high schools, which placed them in the top 7 percent of high schools nationwide.

Principal Sheryl Brockett has been the top administrator at Century High as it has achieved such accolades, but she attributes it all to students simply preparing themselves.

"We encourage all of our students to challenge themselves to take AP and dual enrollment classes," Brockett said. "There are not any pre-requisites for honors courses - we want all students to stretch their learning."

One of the focuses of the list has been the number of students taking the AP exams.   

"We encourage all students to take the exam, not for our recognition, but because we believe we have prepared the students for success on these exams," Brockett said.

Brockett said much of the recent success has come from the student-teacher relationships.

"[Teachers] give many hours beyond their contract with their time and expertise with students," she said. "Century High School is a well rounded school with focus not just on academics, but high expectations for our service clubs, music programs and athletic programs as well."

Principle Brockett has raised the stakes in academics. She was awarded the IHSAA School of Excellence award and was named the 2012-13 Idaho High School Activities Association's "School of Excellence" at the 4A level.

The latter award is given to establishments based on a voluntary program in which schools earn points based on their student-athletes' performance in the classroom, at the athletic venue, in competitions and in the area of citizenship and sportsmanship.

"Century High School continues to provide quality instruction to students and we hold students accountable for their learning," Brockett said. "This recognition is the reward for the hard work our teachers and students put into learning each day.

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